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At Acceptance Insurance Agency we believe that an insurance agency built on honesty and reliability is the recipe for success. Buying insurance is about getting the right coverage to fit your needs. Too much and you're wasting money - too little and you're putting you and your family at risk. We can help you understand your choices, provide expert insurance advice, and tailor a plan just right for you. With over 30 years of experience, we can find the right coverage for you at a responsible cost.   

We specialize in personal insurance for auto, home, renters, condos, rental properties, umbrella, RVs, motorcycles, and boats. We can also provide commercial insurance for your business.

Acceptance Insurance Agency is located in Randolph, Massachusetts and serves customers throughout the state.

Winter Driving Tips

Make sure you can see. Replace windshield wiper blades. Clean the inside of your windows thoroughly. Apply a water-shedding material (such as Rain-X) to the outside of all windows, including the mirrors.

Check your lights. Use your headlights so that others will see you and, we hope, not pull out in front of you. Make sure your headlights and taillights are clear of snow. If you have an older car with sand-pitted headlights, get a new set of lenses.

Watch carefully for "black ice." If the road looks slick, it probably is. This is especially true with one of winter's worst hazards: "black ice." Also called "glare ice," this is nearly transparent ice that often looks like a harmless puddle or is overlooked entirely.

Remember the tough spots. Race drivers must memorize the nuances of every track, so they can alter their path for changing track conditions. You must remember where icy roads tend to occur. Bridges and intersections are common places.

Technology offers no miracles. All-wheel drive and electronic stability control can get you into trouble by offering a false sense of security. AWD can only help a vehicle accelerate or keep moving: It can't help you go around a snow-covered turn, much less stop at an icy intersection. ESC can prevent a spinout, but it can't clear ice from the roads or give your tires more traction. Don't let these lull you into overestimating the available traction.

Regardless of your driving skill or vehicle preparation, some winter conditions cannot be conquered. However, these tips may help prevent snowy and icy roads from ruining your day.

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